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As we know , vehicles life and  maintenance are closely linked to each other. Here, We will share some basic knowledge of car maintenance:

Close attention must be paid to vehicle maintenance, such as regular replacement of damage rubber boot. Boot must be made of full-Neoprene material (50% neoprene contained).
Check the boot every 6 months to avoid breakage or it may lead to weary of C .V .joint.
When the car driving on the road, if the axle making any abnormal noise, it means the outer joint probably has been damaged or wear. It is time to replace a outer joint.
When the car drive in a line, if it make abnormal noise when it start or stop. It means that the ball or needle inside the inner joint are out of track or weary. It is time to replace a inner joint
When the car drive at high speed, say, the speed reach 60KM /H or above. If the chassis or the front  vibrate significantly, it shows that the following two possibilities may happen:
  1: Four-wheel are in imbalance or dislocation, It is time to make a four-wheel re-positioning.
2: If axles are distorted, it is time to replace an axle.


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